Covid 19 risk management and
workforce planning

Complete Network Analysis

Complete Network Analysis can help businesses deal more effectively with Covid 19 by identifying those people at risk and indicating how to adapt rapidly if people become ill or buckle under the pressure.

The Complete Network Analysis tool offers three critical insights for organisations dealing with Covid 19:

  1. Structural – We can identify the wellbeing hotspots and structural holes in your organisation which represent a significant operational risk to delivery.
  2. Key individuals – We can identify the key individuals who are driving your business forward but who may be at risk of buckling under the pressure or who may cause an operational problem if they become ill.
  3. Hidden talent – We can identify your hidden talent and the people you may need to bridge the holes or step up to the plate if people buckle or become ill.

Download this free paper on the Covid 19 Complete Network Analysis tool.

Covid 19 risk management & workforce planning | Complete Network Analysis
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