Female leaders face a unique set of challenges. We understand that.

We help women navigate these challenges to become extraordinary leaders.

Women In Leadership //

We offer bespoke coaching programmes for women in leadership, helping them to become extraordinary leaders.

We understand the challenges that female leaders face and the barriers that can prevent women from becoming more influential. These can include a lack of support from within organisations, gender bias or an organisational preference for masculine styles of leadership.

We know that a more holistic and flexible leadership style is needed for effective performance in today’s complex world. This demands  much better relationship building capabilities, which should advantage women in addition to giving direction and clarity, creating value for the customer and understanding complexity and ambiguity. 

We can help you leverage your natural capabilities  to great effect in male-led organisational systems.

The Women in Leadership Coaching Programme is for you if:

  • You’re an ambitious, female leader looking to unlock hidden capabilities
  • You’re looking to exert greater influence and build presence
  • You want to recover the energy you had ten years ago to be able to do more with each moment you have
  • You’re looking for strategies to excel in a masculine-powered workplace
  • You’re looking to progress your career

International Women's Day //

Hear our Senior Practitioner, Chris Parry, talk about gender equality in the workplace at Koreo's International Women's Day Event.

“Surely one of the first steps in diversity projects should be to recognise and value the very different styles and ways of getting the job done. Instead of coaching women to squeeze into the narrow bandwidth of ‘acceptable’ behaviour, we should be celebrating the diversity of styles that can work together to achieve success.”

– Chris Parry, Senior Practitioner