Identify and use the agents of change to make progress.

Using Complete Network Analysis to drive change //

Change is hard. It often falters because organisations may not know who their change agents are; what the precise levers of change are; and what sequence of interventions will ensure that change is successful.

Fortunately advanced data analytics can answer all these questions and provide profound insights that can drive successful organisational transformation.

The Complete Network Analysis assesses the level of connectivity between individuals, teams, divisions, functions and countries. It can reveal exactly what is  blocking successful change and identify how you can overcome these obstacles.

All Complete Network Analysis data is benchmarked internally and externally against our global database.

Three steps to driving change

Using the agents of change to make progress.

1. Collect the data
Employees complete a 10-minute survey on our online Complete Network Analysis platform.
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Participants nominate who at work they connect with functionally, socially and strategically. This maps the flow of information, ideas and decisions across your business, as well as measuring the strength of relationships.

2. Analyse the data
Our data scientists analyse the survey results and create interactive, dynamic visualisations of the results and a customised dashboard.
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Our cutting-edge technology mines valuable insights out of the data.  These results are bench-marked against our extensive global network database.

3. Identify actions
We run a workshop to help you identify the actions needed to transform individual leaders, teams and your organisation.
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We can partner with you to ensure all development interventions are world class, deliver significant cost savings and a high ROI.

Benefits //

Complete Network Analysis measurable benefits for driving organisational change include:

  • Identify the key agents of change
  • Work the real organisational networks to save money during change programmes
  • Ensure change success by getting the influencers on board
Complete Network Analysis white paper
A free whitepaper exploring how Network Analysis can help overcome barriers to performance.