Where are all the great people you need?

Using Complete Network Analysis to identify future talent //

Great people are already inside your company, you just can’t see them. But with smart, crowd-based analytics we can tell you who they are, where they are and how many future leaders you actually have.

Complete Network Analysis is not only about uncovering the hidden talent in your organisation, it also reveals how your business performs, how siloed it is, how hierarchical it is, how agile it is, and how well all the leadership teams work.

If it is the talent data you need, you can use the Complete Network Analysis to rank the influence of every individual to reveal where most of your talent is concentrated within your organisation.

The scientific, data-based approach of our Complete Network Analysis can identify which individuals are giving you the best return on your investment even allowing for job role and seniority.

This enables your talent decisions to be informed by credible evidence. This means you can be confident that succession planning and reward processes will deliver for you.

Three steps to identifying talent

Knowing who your future leaders are.

1. Survey scope
We agree the population to be surveyed and launch the nine question assessment.
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It takes just a few minutes for any one person to complete (average completion rate is 92%).

2. Crunch the data
Having conducted the survey our data scientists crunch the network data for you.
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The data crunching reveals a series of actionable insights.

3. Results presentation
The full analysis and reports are presented to you face to face.
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The results are presented in a way that will help you drive organisational, team and individual transformation

Benefits //

Complete Network Analysis measurable benefits for identifying talent include:

  • Identifying 15% more ‘hidden talent’ for leadership positions than traditional HR protocols
  • Identifying and developing talent for higher engagement
  • Reducing the costs of recruiting external talent by making the most of your existing talent
  • Easier to identify priority areas for development
Complete Network Analysis white paper
A free whitepaper exploring how Network Analysis can help overcome barriers to performance.