Are silos constraining collaboration and growth?

Using Complete Network Analysis to identify hierarchies and silos //

How organisations function is no longer defined by reporting lines and org charts. Organisational performance is more accurately described using Network Analysis technology.

The Complete Network Analysis can tell you how siloed and hierarchical your business is and whether echo chambers are constraining collaboration and growth.

How an organisation actually functions can be determined by how employees connect functionally, culturally and strategically.

Through advanced data analytics exploring the nature of these connections our Complete Network Analysis can reveal profound insights that can help you transform the performance of individuals, teams and the entire business.

Three steps to identifying silos

Knowing where silos and hierarchies are restricting growth.

1. Collect the data
Employees complete a 10-minute survey on our online Complete Network Analysis platform.
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The survey maps the flow of information, ideas and decisions, as well as the strength of connections across your organisation.

2. Analyse the data
Our data scientists analyse the survey results and create interactive, dynamic visualisations of the results and a customised dashboard.
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Insights are benchmarked against our extensive global network database.

3. Identify actions
We run a workshop to identify the actions needed to remove silos and transform your organisation.
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We can partner with you to ensure all development interventions are world class, deliver significant cost savings and a high ROI.

Benefits //

Complete Network Analysis measurable benefits for identifying hierarchies and silos include:

  • Understanding the silo risks in your organisation to ensure they don’t restrict your growth potential
  • Identifying bottlenecks and fault lines to protect the organisation from connectivity failures
  • Spotting the change makers who can help to remove silos and diffuse change throughout the organisation
Complete Network Analysis white paper
A free whitepaper exploring how Network Analysis can help overcome barriers to performance.