The org chart is dead. It fails to describe how the work actually gets done.

Understanding ONA //

A new technology called Organisational Network Analysis can reveal, with incredible precision, how your company actually works.

The Complete Network Analysis technology identifies powerful, actionable data-based insights about what’s going on in your business and guides interventions to improve your performance.

Our Complete Network Analysis insights using your data can address your most compelling commercial questions across four critical dimensions:

1. The entire organisation

2. Your talent pool

3. Your leadership or divisional teams

4. Individual leadership capability

Explore how the Complete Network Analysis can:

Three steps to the Complete Network Analysis

Reveal how your organisation really works.

1. Collect the data
Employees complete a 10-minute survey on our online Complete Network Analysis platform.
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Participants nominate who at work they connect with functionally, socially and strategically. This maps the flow of information, ideas and decisions across your business, as well as measuring the strength of relationships.

2. Analyse the data
Our data scientists analyse the survey results and create interactive, dynamic visualisations of the results and a customised dashboard.
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Our cutting-edge technology mines valuable insights out of the data.  These results are bench-marked against our extensive global network database.

3. Identify actions
We run a workshop to help you identify the actions needed to transform individual leaders, teams and your organisation.
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We can partner with you to ensure all development interventions are world class, deliver significant cost savings and a high ROI.

Benefits //

Measurable Complete Network Analysis benefits:

  • Expose silos. Discover how well connected the critical divisions of your organisation are and whether those relationships are driven geographically, functionally or by seniority.
  • Discover change agents. Pinpoint the best people to drive change, bridge the gaps between different divisions  and step change your connectivity, connecting those parts of your business that need to work together to drive performance.
  • Accelerate team performance. Reveal how leadership teams are currently performing and identify capability gaps between the leader and the rest of the team that must be addressed to accelerate team performance.
  • Drive leadership development. Identify your most influential executives and measure their impact operationally, culturally and strategically.
  • Predict attrition. Find the people at risk of exit, the impact of them leaving, and the steps to help reduce regrettable attrition.
  • Save money. Target investment on the people and initiatives that will transform your business
Complete Network Analysis white paper
A free whitepaper exploring how Network Analysis can help overcome barriers to performance.