We believe education is about creating an environment where everyone can become more complete human beings. We aim to cultivate a passion for learning, a desire to develop and an ability to grow into who you are meant to be.

The leaders in education offerings //

EQ is as important as IQ in education.

Our approach focuses on developing the individual, the strength of their relationships as well as the actions they take to become more successful and fulfilled.

We look at all levels of the human being from their biology to their behaviour.

We show you how to control your physiology, manage your emotions, increase the speed and quality of your thinking.

We work with you to transform your relationship with colleagues, stakeholders and students, and to transform the effectiveness of the teams you work in.

The impact of our development programmes is measurable and our coaching delivers a clear ROI.

Dave Hughes heads up Complete’s education offerings, working with experienced educator, Matt Silver. Dave has extensive experience as a leader and a coach.

How we work //

1. Coach individuals
We connect you with the right coach who will personalise the support to meet your specific needs.
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The coaching programme starts by assessing your physiology to identify any obstacles you may face during your normal working day.

We teach you to control your physiology and manage your emotions so you have much greater impact and lead those around you more effectively.

2. Develop teams
We gather data to reveal the team’s strengths and challenges and design a team journey to transform your leadership team’s capability.

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Our Team Development Inventory maps your school or college leadership team and benchmarks them to help identify the key dynamics that need attention.

The team journey builds a common language around culture and values, and step changes capability, as well as emotional literacy and energy management, for the benefit of the whole school.

3. Inspire wider groups
In addition to step changing the leadership capability in school, we often deliver face-to-face or digital programmes to wider stakeholders to enhance their emotional literacy, energy and the ability to lead.
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We know that once headteachers and educational leaders experience the significant benefits of our approach, they are keen for their colleagues to share in the lessons and development. So, we tailor open programmes to support those wider groups.

Our educational offerings are for you if:

  • You’re concerned that the pressures on you are affecting your performance
  • You’re an ambitious educational leader looking to unlock hidden capabilities
  • You need more energy to make better use of every moment that you have
  • You’re working flat out but still struggling to step-change your team and your students’ performance
  • You realise that EQ has a critical role in transforming educational outcomes
  • You need to see a measurable return on your development investment


Education webinars

We run regular free webinars to support leaders in education. Called ‘Beneath the Waves’ they provide insights and practical tips on improving your energy levels and managing your emotions.

Webinar recordings below.

EPISODE 1 | How our physiology, emotions and feelings influence our thinking, behaviour and connection

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 2 | Emotional intelligence in leadership.

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 3i | Human development

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 3i | Q&A with Dr Alan Watkins

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 4 | Connecting more deeply with others

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 5 | Building relationships in a virtual world

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 6 | Problem solving with others

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 7 | About Matt Silver

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 8 | Network analysis

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 9 | How to leverage your network

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar
EPISODE 10 | The future of education

Watch the webinar Watch the webinar

Education podcasts //

All of our webinars can also be accessed as podcasts.

Visit our education podcast site for free downloads each podcast episode.