Complete Network Analysis is more effective than surveys at measuring engagement.

Using Complete Network Analysis to transform engagement //

Engagement surveys are too inaccurate to deliver a real ROI. The Complete Network Analysis is more effective at detailing engagement levels right across your business and can also deliver a whole range of actionable insights that enable you to transform employee engagement.

Our Complete Network Analysis explores three types of networks; functional, cultural and strategic.

Understanding the connections and networks in your organisation can give you valuable insights into what’s driving engagement. Individuals who have poor connectivity (weak energy, support and development networks) are likely to become disengaged, lack motivation, experience increased stress and absenteeism and could ultimately leave.

The analysis of networks enables you to identify the disengaged and transform their experience by building their networks.

Three steps to driving change

Using the agents of change to transform engagement.

1. Collect the data
Employees complete a 10-minute survey on our online Complete Network Analysis platform.
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Participants nominate who at work they connect with functionally, socially and strategically. This maps the flow of information, ideas and decisions across your business, as well as measuring the strength of relationships.

2. Analyse the data
Our data scientists analyse the survey results and create interactive, dynamic visualisations of the results and a customised dashboard.
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Our cutting-edge technology mines valuable insights out of the data.  These results are bench-marked against our extensive global network database.

3. Identify actions
We run a workshop to help you identify the actions needed to transform individual leaders, teams and your organisation.
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We help you identify the actions needed to transform connectivity and impact engagement. We can also partner with you to ensure all development interventions are world class, deliver significant cost savings and a high ROI.

We can also run interventions to support those who are disengaged. This includes working with line managers who have a significant number of disengaged individuals in their teams, supporting them to tackle disengagement through building their energy networks and trust and support across their team.

Benefits //

Complete Network Analysis measurable benefits for transforming employee engagement include:

  • Improved connectivity drives increased engagement
  • Higher retention rates
  • Reduced absenteeism 
  • More discretionary effort
Complete Network Analysis white paper
A free whitepaper exploring how Network Analysis can help overcome barriers to performance.