Step change your executive or senior leadership team’s performance and achieve lasting results.

The Complete Senior Leadership Team Journey //

Invest eight days per annum in a senior leadership team journey and transform performance.

Read how our team journey benefited The Linde Group.

Each team journey is personalised to address your organisational and commercial challenges, as well as the current level of maturity of your team.

The Complete Leadership Team Journey is designed to unlock new levels of capability within the team that most teams did not even believe was possible and deliver a step change in performance.

Three steps to leadership team success

Unlock new levels of capability.

1. Start with the data
First we gather data to reveal the team’s strengths and weaknesses via the Complete Team Development Index.
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The result maps your team to the team maturity model and provides a route to team growth. It also provides a benchmark for post-intervention comparison.

2. Develop teams
We work with your team for one day every six weeks, or for two days per quarter to develop everyone.
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The agenda is tailored to your team’s needs, as identified in the Complete Team Development Index, but can include building a common language around values, culture and cultural transformation, creating psychological safety, energy management and building a common purpose.

3. Measure impact
After every team session we have a debrief call to check our course and progress.
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After 12 months, we repeat the Complete Team Development Index to document the progress the team has made.

Benefits //

We help executive and senior leadership teams perform better together. Measurable benefits include:

  • A united senior team with a common purpose and goals
  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Better financial returns
  • Reduced silo mentality
  • Better clarity of thought
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Changes that are not only felt and lived by the whole team, but evidenced by data