The most successful organisations enable their people to uncover their potential.
Ceri Stokes
Lead Practitioner

Biography //

Ceri started her career at a Times Fast track 100 company in the retail sector. She was quickly identified as a high potential individual and spent two years gaining a wealth of experience through placements in difference areas of the business including HR, where she focused heavily on recruitment. She spent time working with the International Strategic Director to drive the business forward in the U.S and Chinese markets, closely managing the cultural differences. Ceri recognised that what she loved most about her role was coaching others and helping them to develop. It was then that she joined Complete Coherence and joined our practitioner team.

Track record //

Ceri has worked within a number of sectors since starting her career as a facilitator and coach. She is experienced in helping teams develop their strategy, resolve differences, build resilience and better understand each other. Her understanding of the commercial dynamics of a business, ability to see multiple perspectives and business processes means she is perfectly placed to help executives develop themselves, despite the pressure at play in their world.

Having worked in a variety of departments across many continents, she values the importance of cross functional and cultural integration, specifically how much value is unlocked when everyone is aligned and the networks are understood.

“The most successful organisations enable their people to uncover their potential. I am dedicated to helping our clients unlock their performance and discover their purpose to make the greatest difference in the shortest time frame.”

– Ceri Stokes, Lead Practitioner

Style //

Ceri is dedicated to helping her clients define what makes the greatest difference in the shortest time frame, to deliver their commercial objectives.

Ceri is a thoughtful, caring and clear communicator, who builds strong relationships and is very focused on tuning into other’s needs and really understanding them. She brings a real determination to helping clients move their business thinking to a new level and develop high performing networks and teams.

Qualifications //

Ceri has a 1st Class degree in Human Biology from Oxford Brookes University.

She has five years’ experience as an executive coach and is accredited in the Complete materials, has run a number of team journeys and coaching programmes and is always looking for ways to improve our offerings.