I believe in bringing out the full potential of the social capital inherent in networks for the betterment of people and businesses.
Danish Mishra
Head of Analytics

Biography //

Dr. Danish Mishra started out in rocket science and he now helps organisations build competitive advantage. He is Complete’s head of analytics.

Danish specialises in understanding how knowledge, and specifically tacit knowledge, flows through networks, whether they are human, social or computer networks. In his research career, he has worked on Formula One teams’ network to reveal how networks drive innovation and are a source of competitive advantage. Today, he uses his deep mathematical and management knowledge to tackle some of the toughest challenges in business – attrition, competitive advantage, organisational design, innovation, and engagement.

Track record //

Danish delivers Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) workshops with a focus on large multinational organisations with a global spread.

Working with C-Suite stakeholders and the Complete team, Danish extracts ONA insights for organisations to drive actions at organisational, team, and individual level.

Qualifications //

Danish holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with Management from the University of Bath with a focus on network science, automotive and operations research, and knowledge management.

Danish also has a MSc in Innovation and Technology Management and a Bachelor’s in aerospace engineering.

Style //

What sets Danish apart from many scientists is that he’s not only a man of numbers, he’s a man of words. He’s able to take complex ideas and technical data and communicate in a way that anyone can understand. This is a skill he put to good use as a university lecturer and a skill that now helps Complete’s clients get the most from the burgeoning field of network science.