In complex times, it helps to have a trusted guide.
Katie Ledger
Senior Practitioner

Biography //

Katie is a highly experienced practitioner, equally comfortable exec coaching, guiding teams or hosting international conferences. Twelve years working as a journalist and TV news presenter for the BBC, ITN, Channel 5 News and TVB in Hong Kong followed by nine years of running her own communications business, Katie now uses her skills in the business sector to help leaders shift from ‘turning up’ to ‘showing up’. She enables individuals to both increase their capabilities and capacity using practical tools to deliver desired results.

Track record //

Katie coaches senior leaders in multiple markets and geographies. For the last 14 years, she has worked extensively with leaders and innovators in media and technology sectors in companies such as Xerox, Microsoft and Google helping them to unlock their potential and deliver results despite the pressure. She has facilitated discussions with high profile leaders such as David Cameron, Steve Ballmer, Gordon Brown and Ursula Burns (former Xerox CEO).

Based largely on her experience of living and working in Hong Kong for four years, Katie has co-written a book on how to create a portfolio career and succeed in multi-market sectors called And What Do You Do? Asia taught her that agile innovation and the ability to keep redefining ourselves and our work is essential to real thriving.

“How we show up and lead matters hugely. The ability to develop and optimise our personal energy and emotional resilience is within each of us and each of our teams.”

– Katie Ledger, Senior Practitioner

Style //

Katie’s style is focussed, high energy and pragmatic; a style that clients find infectious. She is a fantastic listener and immediately creates trust with the clients she works with. She serves by gentle encouragement but is keen to introduce new concepts and challenge thinking. She can see the bigger picture and expertly guides clients through the difficult conversations and progressive steps to realise their widest and deepest potential. The result is that people perform at their best and communicate with genuine passion and impact.

Qualifications //

Katie is a qualified professional level coach, trained by Integral Coaching Canada in their Integral Coaching method. Ken Wilber has described this to be “the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available”. Katie is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Resources and Publications //

Podcast: Stories of Success with Volker Ballueder

“Interviewing Katie Ledger for my podcast was amazing. After a career as a TV news journalist and her reinventing herself a couple of times, Katie is now developing leaders and teams to inspirational performance. Her approach to life seems simple, yet very profound. I enjoyed every minute of our conversation about coaching, morning routines, and what life has in stock for us. We didn’t drift too much into the philosophical side of things, but discovered a lot around success, discussed portfolio careers and how mentors come into your life for a reason. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I have; we spoke about Emotional Intelligence and us becoming a victim of the process we are living as we aren’t that conscious in the moment.”

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Publication //

May 20, 2020
Four perspectives to consider in a crisis
In a crisis we can feel anxious and our thinking becomes narrowed – fight, flight or play dead. Many people are feeling the pressure and uncertainty of the current pandemic. The ‘washing machine’ of the mind can be on a constant spin and we might struggle to find the off switch. However, there is a […]
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