I believe that by understanding data and what it can tell us we can make more informed decisions to improve everyone’s lives for the better.
Oliver Dolloway
Data Scientist

Biography //

Oliver started his career here with Complete, learning the ropes and spearheading the assessment and system administration. Oliver’s work enabled Complete to build a strong foundation in, and understanding of a fundamental part of data science: Data Preparation. Since then Oliver has led his own data science projects, helping to accelerating business operations and developing the analytics side of the business.

Track record //

Oliver works industriously for Complete building out our system dashboards, developing assessments and analytics and operationalise data-flows. He is our go to within the team for answering all data system questions.

Qualifications //

Oliver holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Southampton and also holds an MSc in Research Methods & Statistics from the University of Southampton.

Style //

Oliver takes an open-minded holistic approach to his work. His very thorough, keen eye for detail has allowed Complete to accelerate our approach to data science and analytical reporting.