I thrive on seeing people, teams and organisations flourish.
Rachel Woolf
Senior Practitioner

Biography //

Rachel’s road to leadership and team development began on retiring from the Great British Rowing Team in the late 1990s. During her time in the team she experienced the taste of high performance as part of a several crews, medalling at two world championships.

However it was the disappointment of one of her crews not performing that ignited her interest and subsequent career in discovering and enabling what it truly takes to reach and sustain our full potential as an individual, team, organisation or community.

Track Record //

Rachel’s interest has turned into a passion and she has gathered a wealth of experience over the last 20 years. Working across Western and Central Europe, USA and Asia and extensively within the retail, healthcare, technology, utilities and financial service sectors. Rachel now predominantly works with Executive teams where she loves the challenge of bringing under-performing or problematic teams together. She is equally at home as a conference speaker or personal coach.

Previously her focus was on creating and implementing large scale, global leadership, talent development and women in leadership programmes which rolled out across multiple continents and spanned several years. These programmes have won awards and delivered proven ROI including significant uplifts in employee engagement.

“Whatever I am involved in, my energy and passion are always focussed on how can I help the individual, team, organisation or community reach its full potential. I thrive on seeing people, teams and organisations flourish; re-awakening talents and ambition from within in-turn enabling them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

– Rachel Woolf, Senior Practitioner

Style //

Rachel is known for becoming a long-term trusted advisor to her clients. Clients have described Rachel’s style as highly energising, engaging and pragmatic.

“Rachel knows when to challenge and hold us to account and equally when to lighten the moment, have a giggle and create a safe space for us to retreat and reflect.”

Her style and openness is infectious and quickly builds trust. This in turn enables clients to have the key conversations they require with each other, or indeed with themselves.

Rachel’s pragmatism ensures clients take the powerful insights they gain from each interaction and know how to turn them into action and progression back in their own environment.

Qualifications //

Rachel is recognised by the Association for Coaching as an executive coach and is accredited in a wide range of psychometric instruments.

She also has a BTEC HND in Business and Finance and was nominated BTEC Student of the year at Brunel University College on graduating.