I believe that, in an ever globalising society, data is the key to empowering leaders to make the correct decisions
Tom Cotton
Client Manager

Biography //

Tom graduated with a Degree in Sociology before joining a start up car insurer as Operations Manager. This role was where Tom found his talent for relationship and stakeholder management along with a fascination at the direct correlation between social cohesion within a workforce and the efficiency/output of said workforce. Tom always strives to find the balance between something being functional and enjoyable.

Track record //

Tom manages a large number of client accounts at Complete in which he ensures that our clients are using the right interventions to derive the intended result. Tom project manages our Network Analysis projects.

Qualifications //

Tom has a Degree in Sociology from the University of the West of England

Style //

Tom is a driven, solutions focused client manager with a good sense of humour. He strives to provide a high quality service with a healthily injection of wit.