As agile becomes the new normal, an organisations ability to leverage the influence of informal leaders and accelerate transformation is key to thriving in a rapidly changing environment to stay competitive.
Yvonne Rowland
Client Manager

Biography //

Yvonne started her career in healthcare supporting patients in a fast paced, high-pressure environment where she had to remain calm and compassionate in highly stressful situations.

Yvonne joined Complete in 2016 as a Personal Assistant and was quickly promoted to Executive Assistant, where she supported the Founder & CEO. She undertook additional responsibilities and expanded the scope of her role which allowed her to have a direct impact on the growth trajectory of the company and operations. In her current role, she manages some of our largest clients across our portfolio of FTSE 100-250 organisations where she oversees complex, large-scale projects to drive leadership development, organisational transformation, and commercial advantage. Yvonne also leads the conferencing side of our business securing speaking opportunities at strategic industry and client events.

Track record //

Yvonne has managed projects in several sectors and geographies since joining Complete. She is skilled at partnering with senior leaders to successfully achieve strategic and operational goals.

Qualifications //

Yvonne studied Politics and Global Studies from the University of Winchester.

Style //

Yvonne is calm with an unflappable nature, pragmatic and highly motivated with a dedicated client focus ensuring projects consistently deliver a return on investment.