The HR (R)Evolution
Change the work place.
Change the world.

This book is meant for senior business leaders or anyone currently working in HR who are grappling with the paradoxes of business today.

To be published early 2020

Many observers have suggested that capitalism is fast destroying our planet, concentrating power in a few big companies. Excessive short-termism, leveraged debt, digitisation and disruption are the new normal. We stand at a critical juncture where the two paths ahead could lead to very different futures.

One route could take us back to the harshest days of the early Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression. The other could lead to a world of abundance, equality, inclusivity and prosperity for all. Which future awaits us will largely be determined by business and HR in particular.

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Main takeways

Books on HR tend to focus on HR practices and potential interventions, but they rarely look at the profession, how it evolved and how and why those people practices were created. HR (R)Evolution: Change the Workplace, Change the World describes the ‘Seven Great Waves’ of change and explains how each wave impacted business. It explains how some companies are stuck in the past and how HR can break the deadlock if it understands what the future holds.

This book is for leaders who recognise that people issues are the central challenge of our time. Whether we embrace the waves yet to come will determine whether we survive or regress, whether we flourish or flounder. The future is in your hands.

About the authors

Alan Watkins is the CEO and Founder of Complete, a consultancy specialising in developing enlightened leaders, teams and organisations. He has written several books including: Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership, 4D Leadership, Wicked & Wise: How to solve the world’s toughest problems, co-authored with Ken Wilber, and Crowdocracy: The End of Politics.

Nick Dalton is the Executive Vice President H.R. for Unilever Europe and the Global Market Clusters. He has been in HR for over 30 years, working globally, regionally and locally. He has also worked in all areas of HR, from leading international negotiations with Trade Unions to managing senior leadership development and enabling organisational change.


What people say about the book

Kate Brown

Group People Director, Specsavers

“Who dares to read must act. This book will provoke you to start leading into a better future like nothing else you have ever read.”

Leena Nair

CHRO Unilever

Thought provoking and challenging – a call to action for the HR profession.”

Catherine Lynch

CPO Virgin Media

“Hugely empowering research and thinking on the evolution of the HR function, and its role in society to help change the way we work for the better. We need to be Transformers rather than Robots in this evolving world!”


Keith Jones

COO Halfords

“This book is an essential read for leaders, and those developing tomorrow’s leaders, faced with the challenges of both defining and delivering sustainable value in not just a digital economy but a world within which social equality and environmental concerns are paramount.”


Andrea Eccles


“This book should be read by all students of HR as well as CEOs and their CHROs.”


The HR (R)Evolution
Pre-order the book now.