Virtual services for development when social distancing

Working in the coronavirus world//

Just because we’re social distancing, doesn’t mean we have to stop developing. Complete is committed to supporting our clients and colleagues in whatever way we can.

We have digital and virtual services available now to help you thrive in today’s situation.

Our virtual and digital services

1. Wellbeing webinars
Wellbeing virtual workshops, including our Brilliant Resilience series, or webinars for staff who need practical guidance on how to manage anxiety and cope with working remotely.
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2. Leadership team sessions
Targeted coaching for executive teams who need to bring their ‘A’ game to make and implement business critical decisions in a highly pressurised environment.
3. Individual coaching
Individual coaching for senior leaders who need practical advice and personalised support so they can better help all the people they lead.
4. Digital discipline webinars
How to come up to speed really fast in the world of digital meetings. The rules are very different.

Learn how to optimize individuals, team and leaders contributions in the virtual world during this lockdown period and beyond.

5. Network Analysis to maintain productivity through Covid-19
How to identify the wellbeing hotspots and structural holes in your organisation that could represent a risk to delivery.
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Complete Network Analysis structural hole

The Complete Network Analysis can identify structural holes, key individuals who may be at risk of buckling under pressure and hidden talent that could help you bridge the gaps in your team.

6. Online virtual development programmes
We heave a wealth of developmental resources in our Complete Leadership Academy to accelerate the development of your talent pool.
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This crisis means we need to upgrade everyone, so they are faster more agile, more insightful and more adaptable. Our Academy shows you how to do this and maintain commercial momentum in a crisis.

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